Jazz Total Detox Drink Review

One of the most common questions about detoxing is “Do detox drinks work for drug tests?” The answer is a definite “Yes!” But you have to get all the facts right because whatever goes into your body has to be safe and effective.

Chances are, you have heard of Jazz Total Detox Drink, especially if you’ve been into detoxing or simply trying to secure your job while taking the bad stuff. Well, there’s a lot of heresy out there that might or might not be true about this product. If you’ve been seeking to clear yourself fast and easy, stick around.


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This Jazz Total review for 2023 will answer all your doubts and questions, and equip you with requisite information before taking out a bottle!

Overall Description

What would the world of partying be without detox drinks? As you might already have idea, a detox is a drink that cleanses your organs and body system from toxins that you might have accumulated from drugs, foods, etc. As the products used for THC detox are varied, the question you’re left with is which way to follow.

So, if you’re not sure, why not start with a product that addresses all your needs without much hassle? While you may think of getting other detoxing drinks or beverages, one thing you’ll love about Jazz Total is its reliability, efficacy, and success rate. The drink cuts across urine, blood, and saliva drug tests.

You’ve received an impromptu notification that you’re going to undertake a drug test at work, right? You only need to hop into a pharmacy near you, gulp on this drink, and save yourself the stress of failing urinalysis. The drink is simply a cleanser rather than a dietary supplement. It cleanses your liver, saliva, tears, sweat, and lymphatic, meeting more needs than regular formulas.

The manufacturer recommends taking all the contents of the drink one-and-a-half hours before the drug test. Be sure to take a lot of water and pee at least four times before undertaking the drug test. However, if you weigh more than 230 lbs, you might want to take two bottles, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


One way to establish the safety of a detox drink is by checking the ingredients. The following are natural ingredients that comprise Jazz Total.

Golden tip: Always look for a detox drink with natural ingredients for the sake of safety and to avoid severe side effects.

  • Zinc oxide: Any successful detoxification requires this ingredient. It promotes liver health, guards against oxidative stress (an imbalance that may result after detoxification and hence damage your organs), and enhances immune function while keeping your eyes and skin healthy.
  • Vitamin B2: This power drink comes with a few types of vitamin B2 such as cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine HCl, thiamine HCl, vitamin B2 riboflavin, and D-calcium pantothenate. Once they are in your system, they enhance metabolism and energy generation, liver function, and toxin removal.
  • Vitamin C: This is another potent antioxidant that guards your body against oxidative stress. Besides, it promotes liver function, boosts immune system health, and promotes the formation of collagen peptides.
  • Creatine: Besides enhancing the generation of energy in the body, this component is a useful antioxidant that assists liver function and enhances the removal of pollutants from the body.
  • L-phenylalanine amino acid: It enhances detoxification while facilitating liver function. It is also essential in the creation of neurotransmitters that improve cognitive function and boosts mood.

Jazz Total Detox Drinks

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

Jazz Total Detox Drink is one of the many products manufactured by House of Jazz. Other detox products include shampoo, that cleanses your hair from toxins, mouthwash that helps with swab tests, etc. The drink was first sold on Amazon in October 2013 and has been since a popular favorite.

Looking at the official website, you will find a variety of products from the brand, all with sufficient descriptions and user guides. Most of the products have attracted 5-star reviews, showing how effective they are. Every product is linked to its main page where you can easily make an order or talk to an agent. The page also has a review section where many customers that use Jazz Total Detox Drink to pass drug tests leave their feedback.

The brand has an established customer support system that’s active during the weekdays, operating from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. CST. House of Jazz has a return policy that gives a 30-day allowance. In the unlikely event that you lose interest in the product, the company allows you to return unopened products within the first 30 days after purchase for a replacement or refund.

Contact information: 

  • Address: 9853 N Alpine Road #104, Rockford, IL 61115
  • Phone Number: (800) 486-2815


The production of Jazz Total Detox Drink involved adherence to FDA standards of production, including, being produced at an approved facility. While the product is yet to receive an FDA certification, most Jazz Total reviews are positive.


The brand has attached a price of $34.95 for the 16-ounce detox drink bottle and $24.95 for its 10-ounce bottle. The drink comes well-sealed for safety purposes and to avoid contamination. The drink will work best if you abide by Jazz Total instructions clearly spelled out on the bottle.

To encourage loyal customers, the company has great discount deals. Buying two 10-ounce bottles at a go attracts a $9.95 discount, so the buyer will only pay $39.95. The discount keeps increasing with the amount or number of bottles. You can now enjoy a 10% discount for a three-pack, and 20% for a ten-pack.

The company uses one of the fastest shipping brands, UPS, for orders within the United States and Canada. Before the completion of the order, the company will let you know the total amount you’ll be required to pay including the shipping cost. Depending on your location, the shipping time will take between 1 and 5 days.

In the unlikely event that the products you bought don’t work, House of Jazz guarantees a refund or replacement. However, the brand insists on following user instructions for positive results, since their products have a success rate of 96%.

Pros and Cons

Generally speaking, any product, no matter how good it is, must have its negative side. Hence, when taking out a detox drink, you want to make comparisons and determine whether you can bear with the bad while enjoying the good.


  • Effective: Jazz Total has a high success rate and an endless list of positive reviews on online platforms for helping folks to pass drug tests.
  • Powerful cleanser: This power drink cleanses the whole body including the liver and lymphatic. It goes ahead to cleanse saliva and sweat, just in case such tests are undertaken.
  • Contains natural ingredients: The cleansing drink combines vitamins, creatine, and other natural ingredients that not only leave the body free from toxins but also improve your mood and cognitive function, and boost your energy levels.
  • Simple to use: This detox product comes in a small, highly-portable bottle that allows you to use it in between your busy schedules. Besides, its user instructions and concise and easy to follow.
  • Many flavors: Don’t worry about having to drink something out of your taste. People with a sweet tooth are also catered to. This is what steers Jazz Total way ahead of other detox drinks.
  • Rapid action: You can now take this detoxing drink on the day of the drug test. Count about 5 hours before the due test time and gulp on it to have all the toxins flushed naturally out of your body.
  • Refund policy: The brand’s customer service provides ultimate support to both happy and unhappy clients who may want to return the product. It gives 30 days after the purchase and works to ensure the client gets their money back.


  • The product is fairly expensive, as a 10-ounce bottle goes for $24.95. However, according to multiple reviews, the drink is worth the money for its effectiveness. Besides, the amazing discount deals make it less expensive.
  • The manufacturer does not provide free shipping.


Where to buy Jazz Total Detox Drink?

The detox drink is available in the company’s online store and other major stores like Amazon, Walgreens, as well as from the official dealers.

How long does a detox drink take to work?

While you may need a few days with other detox drinks, Total Jazz gives you a 5-hour window. The product is effective up to one-and-a-half hours before the test. Meaning you can take a bottle or two on the same day of the drug test and pass.

Does Jazz Total really work?

Yes! According to House of Jazz, the product works 96% of the time. A reliable reference could be online reviews of customers, most of whom are happy with the product.

Jazz Total Detox Drink near me?

We have already mentioned different ways and places to buy this product, so it’s easy to choose either to buy it online or visit the nearest pharmacy. You can often enjoy good discounts and fast shipping of up to 5 days.

How to use Jazz Total Detox Drink?

Take one bottle at least 90 minutes before the drug test. Take one more bottle if you’re more than 230 pounds.

Customer reviews

Positive reviews:

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Negative Reviews

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The above reviews shed some light on how you can use this detox cleanser to get positive results. Be sure to follow user instructions as well.


So far, we hope that you’ll become a better buyer and user of the Jazz Total Detox Drink. Even marijuana users can get their way through drug tests using this super cleanser. Just consider the easy tricks to fool the drug test and come out with a better employee as well. Jazz Total Detox is also a go-to for impromptu drug tests, works fast, and has natural ingredients that leave your body healthier.

Detoxing has never gotten easier, so make an order today and get all the goodies!

Anyway, Texas Ready recommends considering your overall health conditions and consulting a specialist before making a choice.