On this page What is a Hurricane? What to Do Before a Hurricane What to Do During a Hurricane What to Do After a Hurricane Stay Informed with Weather and Disaster Alerts What is a Hurricane? A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, the generic term for a low pressure system that generally forms …

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Disaster Supply Checklist

On this page Food and Water First Aid, Medication, Hygiene Communication, Lighting, Document Bag Items Add These Items for Evacuating by Car Add These Items for Sheltering in Place First-Aid Kit Emergency Documents People with Disabilities and Those with Access and Functional Needs Pet Supplies Build your kit all at once or step-by-step. Start with …

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On this page What to Do Before a Wildfire What to Do During a Wildfire What to Do After a Wildfire Wildfires are common in Texas, especially after periods of drought. They can spread quickly and produce dangerous smoke, threatening property, lives and health. Help reduce your risks by learning how to respond. What to …

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Winter Storm Safety Tips

Remain indoors if possible. If you must go out, dress accordingly, with layered, wind-resistant clothing, head covering—including your ears—and gloves or mittens to protect yourself against frostbite. If you must perform work outside, take frequent breaks to warm up, and avoid overexertion. Have emergency heating equipment approved for indoor use and appropriate fuel. Gas, kerosene, …

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Serie de vídeo

Serie de vídeo Los incendios forestales, huracanes, tornados y las inundaciones son frecuentes en Texas. Vea estos vídeos para aprender más acerca de cómo puede estar preparado para todo tipo de situaciones de emergencia. Para solicitar un video para ser usado por su organización, póngase en contacto con dshs.texas[email protected]. Adelántese a lo que pueda suceder …

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Riesgo biológico

You can write this information down on a piece of paper, or download the Family Emergency Plan form (PDF) and save a printed copy where you can find it easily. Share it with others in your family, too.

Weed Hangover

Many people prefer to take weed to avoid hangovers, especially alcohol hangovers. However, it is also possible to experience a weed hangover, although weed hangover symptoms differ from alcohol. Furthermore, you can make a case that people rarely experience weed hangovers. Nevertheless, consuming weed can trigger weed hangover symptoms that are felt the next day by weed users. Perhaps you …

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Make a Plan

Make a Plan Your family may not be together when a disaster happens. The best way to keep everyone safe is to make an emergency plan ahead of time. How to Make a Plan Special Planning Needs Practicing Your Emergency Plan Disasters can happen suddenly, so knowing where your family is and how to communicate …

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Emergency Planning for Pets

Pets require special planning consideration both when sheltering in place or evacuating. When planning for pets during a disaster, consider Food and water needs. Your pets will require water for hydration—at least one gallon per day, per animal. If you need to evacuate, consider: Pet supplies such as food, medications, special needs Identification tags Crating …

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Las explosiones pueden ser accidentales o intencionales. Dependiendo de la ubicación y el contenido del objeto explosivo, se pueden liberar productos químicos peligrosos, radiación o productos biológicos en la zona circundante, lo cual puede ser peligroso para los seres humanos, las mascotas, el ganado y el medio ambiente. Conozca los riesgos para su comunidad: ¿Vive …

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